Dear ARTfriends!

Happy to announce my NEW online workshop ANGELS WINGS open for registration.

This year is coming to the end so quickly, I would like to invite You to join me for a little preparation of the most important time of the year, Christmas time!


For me it is so exciting as this is my favourite theme – ‘ANGELS’.
Would be great to paint with you and be far from the shopping rush time 🙂
You also know that the hand-made, heart-made gift has a much greater value. 


For details visit my site


1 – 22 December, 2019

The course will be availabe on a closed website from December 1st

You will be given access to a closed facebook group where I will answer all your questions related to the course.

I’m always available on messenger too, reply asap.


1, warm-up week on December 1

monochrome printing – POSTCARD

painted – GIFT CARD


2, week 2 on December 5

acryl painting  – PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS

3, week 3 on December 10

aquarell painting  – PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS

4, BONUS lessons on December 15

No. 1. ‘Guardian Angel’ acryl paintings on a roof tile  easy-peasy lemon squeeze

No. 2.  ‘Angels among us’  acryl painting on a roof tile

No. 3.  Earrings on birch  – easy-peasy

– we paint special heart warming paintings

– you may give them as a Xmas present to your loved ones

– wings, feathers, flying, angelic beings, defenders

– gentle tuning for the holidays

  • join me for a cheerful, loose, intuitive creative process
  • creating by layers using our creative beeings from our heart
  • we are using easy creative technics
  • perfect for beginners and for experienced as well
  • we are joining the festive preparation
  • we fill our hearts with love and gratitude
  • before packing we upload the image with love and good energy
  • I’m with you until Christmas and I’ll help if you have any questions

see details on my website