Dear My Wonderful Friend,

Thank you for your friendship and support during the year!

This year was magical. BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

First time I took part in a year-long collaborational workshop as guest teacher in PYHaS2019.

I made my SEASONAL inspirational NATUREART workshops in English, SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN. and WINTER will starts in a few days in the 5th January 2020.

It was wonderful to be a contributor with 2 class in ArtBundleforGood no.4 and support charity.

For 2020 I have many plans.

  • I will burnish my English, I will practice every day.
  • I will get back my great shape I cought at 5 years ago but in the past 2 years I loose a bit.
  • I will be healthy again.

I was invited to

  • ART WALK ALCHEMY 2020, where you will meet my not known part – I will teach a batik painting class.
  • and  in  Make Create Express 2020
  • and  on Sketchbook Revival 2020
  • and  Loving, Healing, Creating 2020

these are great and honorable opportunities.

My heart sing!

And of course I will create inspirational WORKSHOPs too. I set my intuitive ability aside a bit this year but I will listen to it more and deaply.

And I will take more time to experiment in my ART amd develop and dive deep inside of me.

And of course you are the most important to me.

Love you dear my friend