What’s in this 2 months long online course? Every week we have:

  • Something about the plants and the flower of the weeks.
  • For your soul.
  • Inspirational photos.
  • As artist see
  • DIY- Craft
  • Coloring and underdrawing
  • some movie
  • some exhibition
  • some healthy tips
  • some food tips

‘NATUREART WINTER SESSION has started, woohoo!

DON’T MISS OUT I’m maximalist and pack the lessons full with lots of info with love

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NATUREART 2019/20 fourth part


is here

Join me to a weekly inspirational creative program.

In 2017 I hold an online weekly insprirational program based on nature in hungarian.
It was so successful so I decided to renew (add more and more videos) and open it for You in english in 4 parts.

4 seasons


The fourth session WINTER started on 5th of JANUARY 2020.

with 8 lessons!