Good morning Everyone,

I wanna share you how important to be present and listen to the sign.


Here is my morning messages I got from Angels.


Yesterday late I started a painting for my hubby’s niece as we are going to a wedding tomorrow and there will be many relatives who has/had birthday recently and especially round numbers like 40 50 60. So I started an angel painting for Kriszta, be after some brush stroke it falled down and broke into 4 piece:


I went back to get an other one and cleaned and left out to dry during the night. These roof tiles are old about 100 years, they stayed on a roof very long under the sun and rain.

This morning I just saw it and my breath stopped what I saw

A ready painting painted by nature or Angels.

Well I went back for another piece and on the path I saw a piece of my dogs gummi ball

and the signature of the story, a feather.

Angel messages arrived to my soul. For me this means in general:

Be humble by the power of nature! and There is a lot to learn! Angels are around us!

Of course there are deeper personal meanings as well.

I willl keep this tile or maybe add some gold to it and varnish it. I’m sure it has place in my house to remember we have helpers and we are not alone.

What do you think?

Do you recognize the messages you got every day?