The Story:

When we bought our house more than 25 years ago, it was an old house around 100 years old. We renovate it only the walls remained, all the wires, pipes and everything we changed to new. The doors and windows remained, we just sand and removed old paints and repaint. The bathroom door has little windows in it. My mom says we should cut glass to it.

At that time I made tiffany windows and I planned to cut something beautiful into it (some clal was the plan)

This is what we have in the bathroom:

Time just goes and the door remained empty, we used a clothes as a curtain instead of the glass.

A few years ago I measured it and went to the furniture shop to cut boards. I gessoed one side and it had to wait a few years.

In the meantime I just told some story about my childhood to my little daughter.

I lived in a big old fashioned flat where there was a big corridor between the toilet and the kitchen. When I was in my teens every morning while I was sitting in the toilet my mom made breakfast in the kitchen and we were talking, but I had to open the door to hear each other. Now I realized that this is the moment in my childhood why I didn’t care about the curtain in the door.

And I let it and start to paint something. I had many plans but the family voted to a painting with koi fishes:

I  started on Wednesday afternoon and it was ready on Thursday evening.

And everyone love it and I’m happy now.

Now I gessoe the back side and I will paint another painting on the back, what we will see from the dining room.