I am one of the presenters in the

Make-Create-Express workshops

We are less than 3 weeks out from the


Make Create Express Creative Retreat Weekend

on 11-12 July

and the year-long

Make Create Express Workshop
Creative Journey Continues

This workshop is for anyone who creates or feels the desire to create, who wishes to be inspired, who wishes to explore with curiousity, who wants to play in the field of possibilities and dance with the muses and their brilliance. This is for you brilliant creative soul.

 ☆  Ignite your Creativity with the Free Creative Retreat Weekend.
☆  26 artists from around the world
☆  Learn new techniques & processes.
☆  Connect with your own creative spark.
☆  Be part of a wonderful and supportive community of creative souls from around the world.
☆  Weave your creative practice into your self care practice.
☆  Continue your creative journey and join us for the year long workshop.
☆  Make time for yourself & your creative expression.
☆  The first of over 52 lessons will be posted in the Make Create Express- the Creative Journey Continues classroom on the 13th of July.
☆  Be In*Spired.

and I’m giving away a FREE SPOT for the year-long workshop, enter between 24-26th July

read more about the giveaway on my next post

Thank you for your support with joining through my link!